About Us

The story behind the story

Our introduction to an artist is through their music.
Behind the notes, lyrics and people are great stories. Feelings that inspired the song, a personal history that drives the artist, and the untold actions of the people behind the scenes that get the song cut or the concert underway.

‘Turn that damn %$&#@? down.’ My dad would holler that up the stairs when he got home from work to breakup my never-ending rhythmic beating on my drum set. That memory came back to me when I realized what the initials of ‘Dogger and Muddy’ spelled. If you love music, that phrase, or one similar to it, probably comes to mind for you as well. Yet these words never stopped our passion for music. The stories of music are fascinating. The emotions they trigger range from motivating to heart wrenching. That is why we created the ‘Dogger and Muddy’ Music Show.

The objective of the Dogger and Muddy Music Show is to explore and share the stories of the world of music. Americana, Country and Blues will be our musical center point. From time to time we will wander beyond these genres, but be assured we will always come home.

My hometown of Dallas is rightfully proud of its musical heritage. In the 1930’s Robert Johnson, the Father of the Blues and Bob Wills, the King of Western Swing recorded their music at the 508 Park building in downtown Dallas. Their recordings influenced artists for years to come including; Willie Nelson, Freddie King, Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, George Strait, ZZ Top, Don Henley, Gary Clark Jr., Charlie Pride, Steve Earle, Leon Bridges, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Janis Joplin to name just a few.

FYI – Dogger is a nickname I received years ago. Muddy, a Chocolate Lab rescue, is my music buddy. Wherever we go I introduce him as ‘Muddy Waters Fenn’. He tends to be the hit of the party and is always by my side whether I’m practicing for a gig, spinning a vinyl record or researching for one of our Podcast shows.


Muddy and I hope you enjoy our sessions. We have loved putting them together.