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Awesome Interview with Behind the Scenes Music Executive Glenn Goodwin (044)


Awesome Interview with Behind the Scenes Music Executive Glenn Goodwin (044)

If you want to make it in the music business – talk with Glenn Goodwin.

Isaiah Evans with The 40 Acre Mule Discusses How Musicians Create Music (043)

Their music answers the question – why musicians are important?

The Thrill of Writing Music with David Trammell (042)

David takes us into the thrill of writing music and having local artists in studio to record his songs.

Let’s talk Outlaw Country with Tim Williams and Analog Bandmates (041)

Tim, John, Marvin and I talk Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Chris Stapleton and more.

Award Winning Director Steve Gaddis on ‘Live from the Astroturf – Alice Cooper (040)

Award winning director, Steve Gaddis, joins us to share some stories behind a movie and a book.

Talkin’ Music with Kenny Withrow of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (039)

Kenny Withrow, leader of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, songwriter, and lead guitarist tells the band’s story.

The Coachella YouTube webcasts Debra Davis produced generated 82 Million views. How does she do it? (038)

Debra Davis is the premier producer for festival webcasts.  She handles Coachella, Bonnaroo, ACL festival and more.

Documentary – Saxon Pub, Music Venue Saved from Destruction (037)

The story of how the Saxon Pub was saved from destruction.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (036)

Muddy & Dogger interview Randy Brooks, songwriter of Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and much more.

Chad Houser & Eric Nadel Talk CNN Heroes & Cafe Momentum (035)

Chad Houser brings troubled teens in to Cafe Momentum to work. He is helping these young people to truly get a second chance.

Let’s Talk Bluegrass and Country with Multi-Instrumentalist Kim Herriage (034)

With Kim Herriage we talk Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris plus we explore the worlds of Blue Grass and Country music.

Let’s talk Austin City Limits Music Festival with ACL VP Ed Bailey (033)

Austin City Limits VP, Ed Bailey updates us on ACL Music Festival (Oct. 5-7 & Oct. 12-14), AmericanaFest, Willie Nelson, Sun Radio and much more.

Paul Williams (Part 2) Breaks Down The GAWD Almighties, ‘Be So Kind’ (032)

In this episode Paul Williams, takes us through the production of ‘Be So Kind’ by The Gawd Almighties led by Rags O’Hooligan.

Paul Williams (Part 1) Breaks Down Upcoming Bree Parker Ballad (031)

Paul Williams (Part 1) Breaks Down Upcoming Bree Parker Ballad (031) Paul Williams, Producer and Founder for State Fair Records takes us through the development [Read More]

Tim DeLaughter Talks Tripping Daisy and More (030)

In this show Tim DeLaughter shares a ton on Tripping Daisy, Polyphonic Spree, and the tough parts of being in a band.

Mike Daane Talks Bass & Delivers Great Solos (029)

Mike Daane, bassist for Andy Timmons and other musical artists talks with Dogger and Muddy about playing, producing and engineering music.

Josh David Jordan and Greg Schroeder Discuss their Upcoming Music Movie (028)

Josh David Jordan (director) and Greg Schroeder (actor) discuss their movie and the life of musicians.

Traditional Country Artist, Joshua Ray Walker, Delivers Great Music and Stories (027)

Joshua Ray is working on his first Traditional Country album. He is chasing after Guy Clarke and Townes Van Zandt with some great lyrics of his own.

Episode 26: Lot’s of Music & Memorial for Those Lost in Las Vegas

Based on the recent release of the Las Vegas investigation we decided to revisit a memorial for the people lost last October 1st.

Episode 25: Blues Rock Artist, Jason Elmore, Plays Two Songs, Talks Songwriting and More

Jason Elmore talked with Muddy and I about Tom Waits, Rory Gallagher, Tom Petty, Hoodoo Witch and much more.

Episode 24: Jingles, Abbey Road & Gigging in Liverpool with Johnny Hooper

Johnny Hooper is a key figure in the jingle and gigging worlds of Dallas / Fort Worth.

Episode 23: Brendon Anthony, Gov. Abbott’s Choice to Lead TMO Talks Texas Music

Brendon Anthony, Director of the Texas Music Office talks with Dogger and Muddy about the importance of music to the state of Texas both culturally and economically.

Episode 22: Talking Music Production, Retailing & Museums – Bucks Burnett

Bucks produced Tiny Tim, stays in communication with Jimmy Page, and understands the Dallas Fort Worth Music world like the back of his hand.

Episode 21: Exploring the Blues & Blues Solos with Tim Williams

Tim Williams, a student of music and a super musician in his own right leads us through a exploration of the Blues and the Blues solo.

Episode 20: How Can Students Learn Music?

Michael Clay’s Texas Music Project helps students, orphans, schools and communities learn music.

Episode 19: So You Want to Sing!

Singing is one thing, singing right is a totally different thing.

Episode 18: George Gimarc

George Gimarc took North Texas, the U.S. and the world on a great music adventure. The Zoo, The EDGE, Classic Rock, The Rock ‘N Roll Alternative were just some of his creations.

Episode 17: Jim Suhler – Blues or Rock Guitarist?

We talk about loss, the importance of music, playing with your idols and more with Jim Suhler of George Thorogood and Monkey Beat fame.

Episode 16: Eric Nadel’s Music Journey

Texas Ranger baseball announcer – Eric Nadel is a real renaissance man. We discuss his strong commitment to music, Cuba, homeless teenagers and much more.

Episode 15: Dave Hinson on ‘How Grunge Killed Rock ‘n Roll’

Dave Hinson visits with Dogger & Muddy about the pain Grunge caused the Rock industry, the AMP Shack, buying a guitar and more.

Episode 14: Dany Franchi and Kara Grainger Play the Blues

Dany Franchi from Genoa, ITL and Kara Grainger from Sydney, AU talk with Dogger and Muddy about their artistic journey in the world of Blues, Americana music.

Episode 13: John Pedigo Faces Loss and Delivers an Excellent Album

Episode 13: John Pedigo Faces Loss and Delivers an Excellent Album From 2016 through 2017, John Pedigo faced loss. Dealing with that anguish, he dug [Read More]

Episode 12: Blues Guitar Shredding with Mike Zito

Episode 12: Blues Guitar Shredding with Mike Zito Mike Zito talks with Dogger about Blues touring, the St. Louis & Texas music scenes, and the [Read More]

Episode 11: Dustin Blocker of Hand Drawn Records Talks Vinyl

Dustin Blocker talks with Dogger about Vinyl Record manufacturing – distribution, music production and the Dallas – North Texas music scene.

Episode 10: Dave Hinson and Dogger Review 2017

Dave Hinson and Dogger review the 2017 music events of North Texas and the musical artists we lost.

Episode 9: Jim and Larry visit hospitals year round offering musical gifts to children

Jim and Larry take their voices and guitars into hospital rooms and offer music to children.

Episode 8: Josh and The Vandoliers are writing and performing some great music

Josh Fleming with The Vandoliers talks music, performance and the road. Josh and this fast rising Country Punk band has a lot to say. We recommend that you take a listen.

Episode 7: Trey Johnson with State Fair Records talks the record business

Trey Johnson and his two partners opened the doors to State Fair Records in 2014 – business is great.

Episode 6: Tedeschi Trucks Band Manager, Blake Budney, Discusses Business In’s and Out’s

Blake Budney started out selling merchandise for Derek Trucks and now manages the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Episode 5: Jeff Liles from Kessler Theater on Concert Halls

Jeff Liles from the Kessler and Roxy Theaters discusses the making of a great concert hall.

Episode 4: We talk music with Chris Penn of Good Records

Chris Penn the owner of Good Records discusses why music is important.

Episode 3: Dave Hinson on the World of Vintage Guitars

Dave Hinson with Killer Vintage Speciality Guitars takes us into the fascinating world of Vintage Guitars.

Episode 2: Robert Johnson – Myth versus Reality

Enjoy our discussion with Alan Govenar, Blues Historian and Steven Johnson, Robert Johnson’s grandson.

Episode 1: Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

Listen to our first show with special guests Ray Benson and Pat Bywaters.