Episode 17 – Jim Suhler Conversation Outline


Jim profile;

Blues Rock Guitarist

Bands – George Thorogood and the Destroyers
Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat

Lead Guitarist and singer

Jim has released multiple albums and his music has been used in movies and TV series. The Big Lebowski and Lucifer are just a couple.


Time – Discussion Subject;


0 – Opening and discussion about friendship with Eric Nadel, Texas Ranger announcer

5:41 – Jim discusses his Mississippi family ancestry and connection to Stovall Plantation – where Muddy Waters sharecropped.

9:25 – How guitarist find their tone

14:30 – Jim Suhler plays ‘Dallas’ by Johnny Winter on National resonator guitar. In the song Johnny is telling the story of coming to Dallas in the 60’s as an albino, long haired, musical artist.

20:43 – Historic Blues artists that played the National resonator guitar.

20:56 – Joe Bonamassa learned ghost harmonics from Jim

22:47 – Fender versus Gibson

24:44 – The creative process both for development of a song and work in studio

29:15 – Jim Suhler discusses how he has dealt with loss through his music.
“Music’s been the only thing that’s gotten me through loss in my life.”

33:30 – “The greatest compliment I can get is when somebody I admire records my song.”

34:48 – The Importance of George Thorogood

35:18 – Plans for the rest of 2018

36:23 – The influence of Billy Gibbons and Peter Green

38:57 – Treehouse Studio observations
Listening to Jim Suhler playing National Guiatar
Thoughts on John Pedigo’s gig at Kessler Theater
How artists and fans can deal with summer heat.
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