Episode 21: Exploring the Blues & Blues Solos

with Tim Williams

he art of the Blues is a rich subject. Tim Williams, a student of music and a super musician in his own right, leads us through a exploration of the Blues and the Blues solo.

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  1. Phil Jacobs says:

    Also this:

    Private hard-rock ultra-rarity from Texas exhumed for the first time.

    With only 200 copies released in 1975, the “Stud” album has become a holy grail for collectors. A mystery for many years (all the band members used pseudonyms on the album credits), many people failed to track the band down…until now!.

    Formed in 1974 in Houston, Stud featured the killer lead guitar of 17-year-old genius Tim Williams, the brutal Rickenbacker bass attacks of Paul Eakin and the solid as a rock drumming of George Lasher. The chemistry was born since they first starting played together and after many rehearsals, they decided they were ready to record their first album. So they entered the Barons Studios in Rosenberg and “Stud” was the result. Powerful hard-rock on songs like “A woman like you” or “Jim/Blues”, killer boogie-rock (“Captain Boogie”), hard-psychedelic jams (the 12+ minutes of “Stud”) and progressive hard-rock on the impressive “The war song”.

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