Episode 3:
Dave Hinson on the World of Vintage Guitars

Today we are going to meet with Dave Hinson, the founder of Killer Vintage Speciality Guitars in Dallas, TX. It is one of those locals where musicians and music lovers go to get their sonic wishes and desire filled.


2 comments for “Episode 3: Dave Hinson on the World of Vintage Guitars”

  1. Tim Williams says:

    Love it. Some pretty strong statements about the current state of guitar sales and who is (or isn’t) playing guitars these days. Yes, electronics are playing a larger part in produced recorded music – but didn’t they say the same when Les Paul popularized overdubbing? What’s new is old again, and vice versa. It’s only Rock ‘n Roll, and I like it.

  2. Howard Bates says:

    Great show and candid, personal, opinions from the guest, Dave Hinson, which is always appreciated.
    As in all things, the wheel keeps turning and hopefully music keeps evolving on the good side.
    Keep on rockin’.

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